Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Nursery Update

My mom helped me by cleaning the nursery walls, windows & blinds etc. She also made these beautiful curtains, which can be drawn back for light or closed for a darker room. I love how the nursery is turning out so far. I have not been feeling the greatest with all the Baby pressure though. My friends tell me it's normal to dislike being pregnant in the last month, even if you enjoyed the rest of the pregnancy, (which I did). Whew!
I can't fit my feet in any shoes, and I can't sleep, because I have to turn myself like a rotissere! I need a pully to get myself into the truck, but other than those minor issues, I really am doing fine!
Only a few weeks to go....


the nathaniel covert family said...

Your nursery is beautiful!! i really like the raggedy ann and andy. good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!! Love and prayers,Amy

Jeanne said...

your nursery is beautiful..
your baby will love it.