Saturday, December 22, 2007

Soldier Hot Spot

This post may only interest my fellow National Guard wives, but anyone interested, feel free to participate!!!

Our local soldiers are stuck at Fort Bragg, NC for another day, when their travel day is actually today. They have to sit there and see all the other units pulling out for their homes today at noon, while they know PA is failing them in their promises. Even as the soldiers do come home tomorrow, they are not being brought all the way home to their unit, but only as far as Fort Indiantown Gap. They are coming home on school busses in instead of coaches, so this means bathroom brakes, which means taking forever to get home to their families for Christmas. This is NOT what the state promised. Traveling on their leave days is actually illegal, but PA is taking the cheap way out this time- big time. Our soldiers do not mind that we contact our local government to address this issue. It will not get them into trouble in any way. This problem in NOT a problem within the unit or the Guard's leadership.

Russ Fairchild is a local representative.
Contact him at:

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