Sunday, December 16, 2007

Babies on the Way!

My cousin, Doug, and I are eight months apart in age. His wife and I are pregnant and due the SAME week! How cool is that!? This is Sarah and me at a Christmas party this past week. It is fun to be going through a lot of the same stages so close together. She is due Tuesday, January 29 and I am due Sunday February 3!!! I will keep you posted on how close we actually go. We will be delivering at different hospitals, so we joke that our families may be running back and forth to keep up with the new babies in the fmaily!


Just Ramblin said...

Congrats Kara and Andy on your baby. Trust all goes well for both of you.

the nathaniel covert family said...

Hey! I know Sarah!! does she have email? let me know.Amy

the nathaniel covert family said...

has sarah had her baby yet? your new little one is adoreable!!!!!